Combining know-how and creativity, leather goods take customers on a dream-like, fascinating and covetable journey. Each piece, carnal in nature, requires countless crafting steps during which experienced artisans showcase their excellence.

True to this approach, the translation must also be instantly engaging and create desire, while describing the technical processes that are used. Leatherwork and translation: two worlds brought together by extreme precision of gestures and utter poetry of words.


In the world of the intangible, scents become emotions. The blends of aromas bring the past to life, awaken the present, or dream up the future. The fragrances convey confidence and fragility, charm and sensuality…

From its language, translation extracts the metaphorical potential of flowers, woods, and absolutes, making the invisible visible, transforming an evanescent halo of scents into words, expressing the senses.


On the cutting edge of technology, cosmetics embody beauty rituals, with their fragrances and benefits. Lotions, creams, balms and oils artfully combine sensual textures with powerful active ingredients.

Then, translation delicately replicates the sense of pleasure unique to cosmetics, strictly respects the legal wording used, and accurately transposes scientific processes.


Primer and foundation, eyeshadow, blush, eyeliner, mascara: makeup comes in all shapes and sizes, with ever more innovation. Colours combine with a wide variety of finishes. Textures lengthen or thicken, brighten and matify, tailored to suit the season, look or occasion.

Translation celebrates colour palettes, fragrances, highlighters, skin concealers, and long-lasting healthy glows, beautifying and skin-perfecting formulas. Words are reimagined to reflect the product they describe, catch the eye, and appeal to the customers.

Jewellery and
High Jewellery

Extraordinary gems, precious alloys, unbridled creativity, exceptional know-how. Jewellery is both outstanding and everlasting. Rubies, emeralds and sapphires light up a waterfall of diamonds. Expert artisans handle extremely rare stones with hard-earned skill and dexterity, until they achieve perfection.

Like a jeweller at their workbench, Polyphonia blends aesthetics and precision to reveal the emotion stirred by a gem with an exceptional luminosity, paying tribute to the striking creativity of renowned Maisons, designers and master artisans.

Watchmaking and
High Watchmaking

Combining precision technology with design, the hour and minute hands of a complicated masterpiece mark the passage of time. Sheltered within a sleek case, its manual movement is a testament to an outstanding expertise.

The team at Polyphonia combine technical terminology with watchmaking grammar, to enthrall and amaze. Translation describes, elevates, and pays tribute to fine craftsmanship and creative ingenuity.

References available upon request