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In the world of luxury and art, translation requires much more than simply knowing two languages. One needs to master the poetry and musicality of words, have a specific sensibility and a sense of perfection, and… question oneself, relentlessly.

Like a watchmaker at their bench, the translator is in a constant state of challenging the status quo: they adjust sentences, tweak turns of phrase, and create a dialogue between art and matter in a search for precision and accuracy to the Maison, artist, and designer.

Like the sketching of a timepiece, the crafting of a tourbillon, the assembling of a masterpiece of high watchmaking, translation is the final part of the creative process.

Iconic areas of expertise


Tell us your ideas, we will write your content.

Frequently, cultural references, collective memories and stylistic approach differ from one language to the next. Therefore, a text that reads as perfectly idiomatic and poetic in one language can turn out to be equally unsuited to the target audience after translation.

This is why our team of linguists and copywriters draw inspiration from your content and your ideas to create original, client-oriented texts. We write customised communication media directly in the language of your choosing, thus skipping the translation step entirely!

And if you have no content at all, fear not: we will create it for you from scratch.

Copywriter & Content Designer

Creating slogans, tag lines, brand signatures, etc.

Tag lines, slogans, base lines, brand signatures, and so on… All of these words tend towards the same goal: helping a company to strengthen its position and increase its brand awareness. Beneath the company name and logo, sometimes even linked to a marketing campaign or a line of products, these words must describe the company’s DNA, define its values, and make a promise. The goal is to foster recognition and create desire.

Polyphonia and its team offer to guide you through this process. Together, we will turn your company’s specific qualities or products into a powerful slogan!

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Unlike translation, which is exclusively written, interpretation involves verbally translating statements from one or several parties. Perfectly bilingual, interpreters are rare beings, able to listen to the speaker’s statements in one language and closely transferring them into another language, either simultaneously or consecutively.

Simultaneous interpretation

As its name suggests, with this method, interpreters (working in pairs or groups of three, depending on language combination) translate the speaker’s words simultaneously. These jobs require the use of more or less sophisticated equipment. This can range from simple hand-held digital systems to booths with interpreter consoles, microphones, headsets, etc. Frequently, a technician is required on site at all times to ensure the event runs smoothly.

This approach is used for large-scale events, such as symposiums and conferences, but also for more “happy few” multilingual meetings.

Consecutive Interpretation

Depending on the job’s complexity, we will call on one or two interpreters. The goal is to memorise and take note of the speaker’s talking points, and then deliver interpretation on average every 10 minutes. This is also an extremely complex exercise.

Whispered Interpretation

This style of interpretation is used when one or two listeners do not know the speaker’s language. The interpreter whispers a simultaneous translation of the speaker’s words to one or two listeners.

Getting your words just right


Given the growing amount of video and audio content, transcription has become essential for many companies.

The goal is to transcribe recorded statements with more or less detail, depending on the client’s expectations and the intended use. Hesitations can be left out, and sentences can be corrected. We can also include time codes in order to facilitate a video’s subtitling.

References available upon request